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Improve your Facebook marketing strategy

This large audience makes Facebook a valuable marketing platform for e-commerce brands looking to get a huge source of traffic on social media. It now even has a name: F-commerce.

However, hey, 67% of e-commerce retailers use Facebook to increase traffic to their websites. Looking at this number, do you think it's easy to stand out from the crowd? Of course not, because the outstanding Facebook marketing strategy requires a lot of effort in a smart way.

In this article, we won't discuss general tools or tips that Facebook marketers already know. Instead, let's uncover five little-known but proven strategies that online sellers can use to improve their Facebook marketing strategy.

Get the most out of your audience insight tool

Getting to know your customers can let you locate the people who need your products, and who will spend money in your store to get them.

Conducting surveys, talking to potential customers, or tracking competitors' activities or activities may be a good way to get to know your target customers, but these are very small samples.(See: dropshipping definition)

Facebook Audience Insights is one of the most comprehensive analytics tools to help you understand who customers are, how old they are, what they are interested in and what they usually do. Precise customer roles for your business.

In Facebook Audience Insights, you can choose one of three audiences to search for information: everyone on Facebook, the person associated with your page, or a custom audience.

Target Facebook ads in the right audience

About 7 out of every 10 online sellers use a large portion of their budget for Facebook ads to drive traffic, but 4-5 will stop running Facebook ads after a while because "it's inefficient and costly." - Most popular if asked, online sellers will give reasons. Users who click on the ad will eventually abandon the site without purchasing. Any clicks that are not converted will take up the seller’s profit.

why is it like this? They have such a lot of potential traffic, but they don't target ads to the right users.

One of Facebook's main strengths is that it gives you a lot of insightful information so you can target your ads to people who are passionate about your offers. The above mentioned Audience Insights is a powerful tool to help solve this problem.

Tip: If you want to create cost-saving and highly-converted Facebook ads, please avoid poor targeting by:

Know who your ideal customers are and use any qualitative and quantitative analysis methods

Define your custom audience as specifically as possible so that Facebook can show your ads to users who are most similar to your ideal customers

By properly targeting your ad’s audience, you can not only avoid inappropriate clicks by the wrong user (which prevents you from wasting money), but it can also attract high-quality traffic that may require your product.

Promote videos on Facebook

The most viewed videos on this Buzzfeed Tasty page created 50 million views in the first 7 days and 2.4 million views. This video captures the real moments of child football players comforting their competitors during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, released by NowThis, which has 89 million views and 3.5 million views in the first three days.

Virus video is taking over Facebook news feeds, and brands that successfully spread content on Facebook as videos are enjoying more participation from the community (like, share, comment).

Facebook users are switching from text content and images to video. Video - A new gift bags wholesale trend in content building - is the Facebook marketing strategy you should be concerned about.


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What To Sell In Summer 2018

Outdoor supplies is a t shirt drop shipping niche with an appealing potential: even though it might seem a bit season-specific, it can be complemented with a wide variety of related items that would make this store a hot and interesting place for a large customer audience.

Technically, the ‘what to sell in summer/June/autumn’ question (which we get with an amazing regularity) is not quite correct because it contains a tiny trap. The thing is, it puts you at a considerable risk of picking seasonal goods that are not demanded equally throughout the year.

It doesn’t mean, obviously, that you should avoid ‘hype’ items at all costs: as long as you balance your store offer with the products that are selling well at any time of the calendar year, you will be doing just fine.

This article shows an example of a product range that combines quite specific products with more basic items. Therefore, regardless of the season, there will be enough buyers in such a store.

About the outdoor supplies niche

Surely, outdoor activists and professional sportsmen spend lots of time outside their homes regardless of the season and the weather.

But, in order not to concentrate on a really narrow customer segment, it’s better to consider a wider audience of people who like spending time in nature, but at the same time, are not really fond of extreme weather conditions. Naturally, these persons increase their engagement in outdoor activities as soon as it gets warmer outside.

This is why spring and summer are the perfect seasons for selling various supplies for campers, hikers, cyclists, and those who simply enjoy long relaxing walks in a nearby park or by a local river.

The products that would suit this niche range from quite basic ones (bags, raincoats, water bottles, etc.) to more complicated items that sometimes require both the seller and the buyer to have specific market knowledge. This is why in case of choosing this niche, you should:

Be well-aware of the products’ features (materials, durability, reaction to exposure, correct way of usage, etc.);

Check carefully the AliExpress supplier’s reputation, the store rating, and the product reviews – you don’t want to offer low-quality items to your store visitors because in some cases, their health and even life may depend on these exact products

Avoid the products that can potentially be unapproved for delivery.

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Dropshipping Store’s Sales

How to Increase Your Dropshipping Store’s Sales with Instagram Shoutouts

If you want to have more sales and make your Instagram page grow, you need to gain exposure. The quickest and most efficient way to do this is to collaborate with other niche related accounts and get them to promote your account. You can pay for someone to post your materials to other relevant Instagram pages, or, alternatively,dropship phone cases, you can come to an agreement with another user to post each other’s pictures on some other terms. This strategy is called a Insta Shoutout.

How the Instagram Shoutout strategy works

First of all, find the most popular (10K+ followers) accounts on Instagram that are related to your niche. For example, if you are selling Harry Potter merchandise, you should look for Harry Potter niche accounts. You can look for such accounts with the help of various services – for example, we can surely recommend Websta . Simply enter necessary keywords in the “Username or “Tag” field, and you will see a list of popular accounts.

Once you have selected the preferred accounts (the more the better), you need to contact the owner of the account through Instagram Direct – this is the section where you can exchange direct messages.

You can send other users a short message asking them to contact you through email in case they are interested in paid shoutouts on their Instagram accounts. Normally they contact you the same day, so you won’t have to wait long. Agree upon the terms and the price, and ask for the payment details. You can ask to launch a Shoutout for 24-48 hours (longer time makes no sense). The price depends on the number of followers and usually varies from $5 to $30 for one Shoutout. We would recommend paying around $10 per 100,000 subscribers for one Shoutout (for example, if a group has 300,000 followers, a $30 price for one Shoutout is fine). You can pay more or less of course, but in general you can stick to this amount.

The Instagram Shoutout basically consists of the picture of the item (it can be a collage of different pictures as well) and a promotional text. The text should be short and simple, providing information about the item name and price, the name of your account, and the link to your webstore. You can also add some hashtags.

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Driving the Growth of E-commerce

Driving the Growth of E-commerce in Middle East

With the continuous development of cross-border e-commerce, many sellers are constantly expanding their overseas markets, and promoting the expansion of marketing channels. At the same time, the popularity of mobile and computers has greatly promoted the growth of business. Many sellers are concerned about how to maintain their competitive advantage, understand their customers better and attract more traffics. Today, you will know how to drive the drop shipping business growth of e-commerce in Middle East.

The premise of the growth:Positioning the right target countries and consumers

There are 18 countries in the Middle East, including Egypt and Iran, with a total population of nearly 400 million. According to data from Adxmi, the population and economy of three countries in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are considerable. The average age of permanent residents in these three countries is 24.8 years, 28.6 years and 33.5 years respectively. It can be seen that there is no aging population. Data show that the ratio of urban population to total population in these three countries is 39.8%, 78.8% and 89.5% respectively. It shows that the proportion of urban is large, and the consumption group is dominated by young people. Sellers can start with the psychological characteristics of these people and formulate corresponding marketing strategies.

In terms of economy, the three countries, with the population of 1/3 in the Middle East, contributed more than 1/2 of GDP in the Middle East. You can find that the per capita income of the three countries is higher and the Engel coefficient is low. Take the United Arab Emirates as an example, compared with Guangdong Province, the country with a population of less than 1/10 in Guangdong Province, with its oil and tourism support, the per capita GDP achieved up to 42.5 thousands dollars.

From the relevant data provided by Adxmi, female housewives are the "main force" among the main consumer groups. Tourism transportation, clothing accessories, electronic products, the three largest categories stand in the top three. In Saudi Arabia, only 17% of women work, while 72% are housewives and 60% of housewives dominate online shopping.

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