QuickBooks online

Enterprise features to QuickBooks online

Intuit is aiming for the mid-market with an extension of its QuickBooks Online financial management tool that it hopes will let it take wholesale gadget parts business away from the likes of Microsoft, Sage and Oracle.

It's designed to help QuickBooks customers delay the move to a full-fledged ERP system — and perhaps even to woo a few beginning ERP users back to something simpler.

Intuit offers several versions of QuickBooks, for the self-employed right up to the 30-seat QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.

As QuickBooks customers migrate their growing businesses from one version to another, “They are faced with a choice of having to migrate off of our system on to something else, something that’s usually far more complex, far more expensive and far more rigid. That creates not only a data transition problem, they have to learn new software and oftentimes it’s really overkill for their businesses,” said Alex Chriss, a senior vice president and chief product officer of small business at Intuit.

In addition to keeping existing QuickBooks customers in the ecosystem, Chriss sees “a massive opportunity ... for us to bring in new-to-the-franchise customers that are migrating off solutions that are overbuilt for them.”

The overbuilt solutions he has in mind are entry-level cloud ERP systems from vendors such as Oracle (owner of Netsuite), Microsoft (with Dynamics 365) and Sage (owner of Intacct). Other competitors might include FinancialForce, which is built on Salesforce.com’s Force.com platform.

“This is a smart move for QuickBooks because we often see growing companies graduate onto Intacct, FinancialForce and Netsuite,” said R. “Ray” Wang, founder and principal analyst at Constellation Research. “The challenge for Intuit is finding a niche in the smaller end of the mid market,” he added.

Historically, several factors have pushed QuickBooks customers to move on, including the need for more users to have access to financials, or for more control over the access those users have, as well as a need for faster ways to enter thousands of invoices into the system, and a requirement for customized reporting or software integration.

Intuit aims to solve all those problems with QuickBooks Online Advanced, a new tier of its cloud-based financial management system that adds support for custom user permissions and more users, bulk invoice import and priority customer support. Customers can expand its functionality with hundreds of QuickBooks-compatible cloud services available at apps.com, including enterprise tools such as Expensify, Method CRM, bill payment service Bill.com, SOS Inventory for inventory management, Jobber for field service management, or Shopify for e-commerce.

As a bonus, Online Advanced also includes AI-based automation and recommendation tools that Intuit plans to expand in the coming months. “This is online software, we iterate rapidly on it,” Chriss said.

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Those online tools draw inferences from data aggregated from QuickBooks' 3.4 million online users to power things like automating the identification of business expenses eligible for tax deductions, or recommending the applicable rate of sales tax based on a natural-language description of the item or service sold.

Intuit is also moving beyond financial reporting into financing: It is prepared to make loans to its customers where traditional banks would have turned them down, based on its analysis of their business prospects. “QuickBooks Capital is all about looking at a 360-degree view, not just bank information but what invoices they have outstanding, who are the customers they have, that they’re working with across their network, and really leveraging a different level of insight,” Chriss said.

QuickBooks Online Advanced is available now for US$150/month. The price allows access by up to 25 users.

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Amazon’s brief flirtation

Why Amazon’s brief flirtation with celebrity endorsements could mean business

Blink and you’d have missed it, but last week Amazon launched – and then pulled – a new celebrity endorsement hub called ‘The Celebrity Store’, an apparent extension of its influencer marketing programme.

The hub itself has seemingly now disappeared without a trace, but individual pages – like Jessica Biel’s association with yoga and fitness brand Gaiam – are still live at the time of writing (pictured).

The hub saw a range of celebrities, from actors to golfers, hosting their own pages featuring affiliated products such as fragrances or sportswear. Consumers who’ve always wondered how Ryan Seacrest maintains his youthful glow can now buy and share his skincare regimen, delivered the next day on Amazon Prime.

Whatever form its reincarnation takes, Amazon clearly has an idea that can change its amazon drop shipping business. For the consumer, it provides the cachet and exclusivity of celebrity endorsement, a new way of shopping an ever increasingly confusing category, and the ease of use and delivery power of Amazon. Especially given that the brave new world of influencer marketing is staggering around like an inebriated toddler intoxicated by fake followers, while the star power of established, genuine celebrity has never really dimmed.

Celebrity endorsement is nothing new - in the 18th Century Josiah Wedgewood boasted of being ‘potter to Her Majesty’. The concept of using the power of celebrity to drive price premiums then really took off in the golden era of Hollywood and far from slowing, has been turbo-charged as the world digitized. Amazon isn’t reinventing the wheel to build relationships between celebrities and products, they are simply closing the gap between sales and marketing.

George Foreman ended up making more money from lean, mean grilling machines than he did from his illustrious boxing career. Jennifer Aniston allegedly made more money from her equity incentivised endorsement of Smartwater than she did from Friends. Ultimately anything’s possible in a world where Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds and Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson can team up to create a gin brand. For Amazon the possibilities are near-limitless. Where once ‘celebrity’ was deployed to build brand equity and get cut-through, on an online marketplace like Amazon it can be used to actively drive transactions.

The emotional drivers of consumers’ consideration journey haven’t changed since Wedgewood was boasting royally, and the endorsement of a favoured or idolised celebrity is still about feeling gratified by a connection with someone famous, as it always was. To wear the sneakers of a musician you think is part of subculture makes you, by proxy, a little part of that subculture. And that’s where the evolution of marketplaces comes in. Make it easy for people to buy things and they will. If people can enrich their lives with the products they want or need, inspired by a famous face…they will.

The march of Amazon and, through Alexa, the growth of conversational commerce is doing just that, making it easier than ever for consumers to buy things they desire. Celebrities are a powerful tool to stimulate that desire, even for low-cost commoditised products, creating the unfair advantage for brands in their daily pursuit of growth. Whatever Amazon’s reasons for flirting with, and then ghosting, celebrity endorsements in the same week, they should reconsider. The convergence of celebrity marketing power and ecommerce is going to realize enormous value.

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Where Do SEO FIT in Digital Marketing

SEO and digital marketing are so much related to each other that sometimes it becomes very difficult to draw a distinction between them. The object of both is to win more customers or visitors to your wholesale watches website. There are some tactics which can be considered both the part of SEO and digital marketing. In order to end this confusion and see if these two mean the same thing or they are different from each other, let’s have a look at their definitions.

SEO or search engine optimization can be defined as everything that you do in order to increase the search visibility of your website. It encompasses all the activities and tactics that are undertaken to improve ranking on search engine result pages. The object of SEO is to appear higher in the search ranking. A higher position in the search ranking is guaranteed to increase the number of people who visit your website.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, involves everything that is done to market your product or website on digital media. Digital media includes all electronic devices with display screens. It is about achieving your marketing goals through the use of digital technology. It is not limited to advertising but includes many diverse activities which are undertaken to promote your brand on the internet. Customer service is also a part of digital marketing.

Customers are given the facility to send their complaints or suggestions regarding products online. E-commerce is also sometimes included in this which gives people the option of buying your product online. Online public relations management also comes under digital marketing the purpose of which is to build a positive image of your brand among the public. Digital marketing is all about selling your product or service online. In order to achieve this, you should have a website to market your brand.

How SEO and Digital Marketing Are Related

SEO is concerned with search position only whereas digital marketing encompasses your whole online profile which includes your website, your profiles on social media and many another thing which include SEO as well. SEO can be considered a subset of digital marketing.

SEO has become an important component of digital marketing without which success in digital marking is an attainable dream. When it is properly integrated into your online marketing strategy it ensures more traffic to your website. Most of the traffic to a website comes from organic search; therefore, having a top position in ranking will definitely drive more traffic to your sites.

All the other component of digital marketing are also important but none can even come close to search optimization when it comes to success. It can effectively be the main reason behind the success or failure of your marketing strategy. The reason behind the superiority of SEO over other parts of online marketing is that other components can increase traffic too but they are not as effectual as search engine optimization. Hence whether it is traffic or conversion rate SEO rules supreme over other parts of internet marketing.

How SEO Can Be Integrated Into the Total Online Marketing Strategy

Considering how valuable appearing in top positions in organic search is to the overall marketing effort, it is absolutely necessary that you should develop plans to incorporate SEO in your digital marketing strategy. But in most of the cases, this is easier said than done kind of a deal. You have to be very careful while incorporating SEO if you want to see the expected rewards. The good news is there are plenty of areas which provide opportunities for this integration.

The best thing any brand can do to incorporate these two is to have a blog on their website that publishes detail information to the users about the common topics in their niche. You can also provide information and insights about your products or services through this blog. Such a blog can help to keep your customers or visitors engaged with your brand. Therefore it can serve as a marketing tool.

At the same time, it will help to boost the ranking of your website as you will be regularly publishing fresh content on your website and no factor increases the ranking of a website more than content. In fact, content is such a decisive factor in increasing ranking that it is a common saying in the industry that content is the king.

As this is life and nothing comes easy in it, therefore, you need to keep few things in mind in you want to get maximum benefit from your content. You should write content not for the search engines but for your users. If it engages your readers than it will automatically result in an improvement in ranking as well.

There are certain SEO elements that should be present in your content like headings & tags. You should write informative content that contains expert level knowledge on your niche topics and you should also make sure that articles you publish on your website are of an appropriate length. The common rule is the longer the better. Regularly updating your content is also another important trick you can do to keep your customers coming back to your website.

Social media provides another opportunity for integrating SEO into marketing. In order to achieve success in search optimization, you need to be successful over social media. Social media can benefit SEO in many different ways. It can serve as a prolific mean to earn inbound links. When social media users will share your content with their friends it will not only increase visitors to your website but it will also earn valuable inbound links for your website.

When a person shares a link to your website on social media it drives traffic to your website and social media is acting as a marketing platform. The same link will is also important from search engine optimization perspective as it can improve your ranking because search engines rank those websites higher that have more inbound links pointing back to them present on other websites and social media platforms.

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Business online directory taking off

Durban entrepreneur Sarah Whitaker has “neatened up” a local corner of the worldwide web to make it easier for consumers to find and hire the services of local small wholesale kids toys businesses while giving to charity.

Whitaker, who is also a self-taught artist who works with glass, and an art teacher at Forest View Primary School, has founded the online directory called “Onsouthafrica.com” where local businesses can list their services. She launched the site just six months ago and already has more than 150 businesses of all sizes and 22 charities listed.

Whitaker said she came up with the idea after being frustrated while searching online for local art supply stores.

“I then spoke to some teachers in Hillcrest and they told me about all these gems that I had never heard of,” Whitaker said.

That’s when she decided that she needed to work on creating an online directory to list local businesses to make them easy to find online. Single-handedly, working long hours, she designed and set up the directory.

“Each company submits their articles and photographs and there is a direct link to their website or Facebook page. It’s like I have neatened the web and put it into themes and boxes and regions. I’m a little OCD like that,” Whitaker said.

“There are thousands of directories out there, and lots of them have got outdated information.”

When companies sign up to list on the site they can gift a portion of their fee to any charity or needy person of their choice - from an elderly person or an orphan to a local car guard. And then every month a portion of their subscription can be gifted to one of the listed charities.

“I have tried to cover all the bases, and obviously the bigger it grows the better it will get. I am very grateful about giving back to people - it just warms my soul,” she said.

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Online marketing agency

GangHut online marketing agency launches in Edinburgh

An agency that specialises in delivering marketing for online marketplaces has been launched in Edinburgh.

GangHut, which claims to be the first of its kind, aims to meet a need for specialised marketing supportfor the growing ‘platform economy’ of peer-to-peer wholesale sunglasses china businesses.

The agency offers campaigns that it says will “understand the dual nature of two-sided marketplaces and speak the language of platform technology and blockchain".

The agency also will work with businesses that support the platform economy – businesses in fintech, insuretech, trusttech, and paytech companies as well as regulators and trade bodies.

The agency says its aim is both to services its clients and to connect them, acting as advocates of the platform economy by participating in industry events as well as aiming to deliver thought leadership to move the sector forward.

The agency said that by “increasing awareness and understanding of this transformative model for global trade, GangHut hopes to help position the UK as market leaders in this space by working with clients worldwide, launching international businesses locally and taking local businesses to the world stage.”

GangHut was co-founded by Shelley Wright and ‘Gang Leader’ Elle Tucker.

Wright describes herself as a commercially driven marketer with more than 30 years experience garnered in London, New York and Sydney. She has worked for Ogilvy and American Express.

Tucker us a former broadsheet journalist and Leith Agency advertising creative, as well as co-founder of the RUDE agency, which she describes as the first PR agency for the sharing economy.

Wright says: “Living and working between Sydney and Edinburgh for the last seven years has given me a fascinating insight into the machinations of business and industry; how governments and corporations engage with new economic models – or not.”

"We've identified a niche opportunity to help businesses successfully leverage the peer-to-peer economy through savvy marketing, whether they're operating entirely within the sector already or transitioning some or all of their commercial activities to a sharing or marketplace model."

She said the agency would specialise in six core areas: communications strategy, content marketing, social media, advertising, search and PR.

“But what’s really important is that we understand the long-term goals of our marketplace clients, so we can provide recommendations on what channel – or channel mix will deliver the biggest bang for their buck.”

Tucker said: “We’re excited to be working with all kinds of marketplaces now, from e-commerce to sharing, and gig economy to peer-to-peer finance platforms, even blockchain platforms and their associated token sales.”

GangHut has joined Sharing Economy UK, the trade body representing and championing the UK’s sharing economy businesses. Jenna Cane, Sharing Economy UK Manager, says, “We are pleased to welcome GangHut to Sharing Economy UK. Having the first marketing agency amongst our membership helps us to represent a wider range of sharing economy businesses, and supports our objective to make the UK a global centre for the sharing economy.”

The GangHut team has been working pre public launch and its clients include Switzerland’s boutique boat-sharing platform Boataffair, Australia’s parkshare app Kerb and Denmark’s classic car rental platform BookAClassic – as well as partners including Amsterdam gig economy conference Reshaping Work; US marketplace technology conference Marketplace Risk; and Arcadier, the Singapore-based marketplace software creators.

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Unemployment Challenges

Tackling Nigeria's Unemployment Challenges With E-commerce

Different data have confirmed that Nigeria has a huge unemployment challenge. The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) pegs the unemployment rate at 14.2% to 18.8% in 2017.

Although 18.8% may be small in terms of percentage, the raw numbers are staggering. The indices of the NBS revealed that the number of people within the labour force that were unemployed or underemployed increased drastically from 13.6 million and 17.7 million in the second quarter of 2017 to 18.8 million in the third quarter of 2017.

Meanwhile, a 2017 report of the International Labour Organisation estimated that youth unemployment rate in Nigeria was at 13.41 per cent.

You can easily deduce from the aforementioned data that Nigeria is in an unemployment crisis and something drastic needs to be done to tackle this challenge. This is because economic growth and development can never be guaranteed if a large number of the population especially the youth is unemployed.

In the march to find a solution to unemployment, the private sector is playing a major role in tackling the problem. A key sector that has made arguably one of the biggest contributions is ecommerce.

Today, a company like Jumia leads the e-commerce landscape. Interestingly, a large chunk of their employees are young adults between 22 and 30 years; a positive employment metric. Beyond this, Jumia has empowered millions of Nigerians directly or indirectly. Thus, supporting the government in easing the unemployment problems.

E-commerce can tackle Nigeria's unemployment problem

It is possible for eCommerce to compete in agriculture when it comes to job creation. Despite the dire unemployment quagmire, e-commerce has made a monumental contribution when it comes to the provision of jobs for Nigerians. Thanks to Jumia that pioneered and powered e-commerce to new heights, many persons and businesses have benefited in one way or the other.

Currently worth around $13billion (about N4.01 trillion), experts in the Nigerian financial service sector have estimated that Nigeria's e-commerce market value could rise to $50billion (N15.45 trillion) over the next decade. This is the bright prospects that e-commerce have and if properly and effectively exploited, there is no doubt that it will overshoot the reported estimate. And of course, Nigerians will be gainfully employed because e-commerce startups are springing up daily and are attracting the attention of investors.

Reasons why e-commerce can answer Nigeria's unemployment woes

*Low operating costs

The undeniable fact is that running a physical store costs a lot of money. By running your own e-commerce operation, one of the main benefits is that the overheads are much lower. For example, an online store requires less personnel to manage it thanks to automation and inventory management. You can also benefit from cheap online marketing channels such as social media to spread the word about your business.

*A wider audience

Since many people are now online, you have an audience who are ready to patronise you. However, due to competition in the e-commerce space, you need to get your marketing right so that your messages will reach the right target market. Therefore, you have a wider audience for your products or services than if you decided to open a physical store in a shopping mall. Additionally, your wholesale homewares business is always open – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

How e-commerce is solving unemployment

If you want to make money and want to exit the unemployment market, all you need is a computer and a very good internet connection. It doesn’t matter if you have a white collar job, you are into dropship home decor business or you are unemployed, you can make some money. Also, if you can muster the financial power, you can float your own e-commerce store.

*You can become an independent sales consultant

To be a sales consultant with Jumia, you will be required to register, create your own team (a network of other sales consultants) and then start selling Jumia products and make money doing so. You can make up to ₦1,000,000 monthly doing this.

*Become an affiliate partner

Affiliate partners can promote the products on Jumia and can get up to 11% commission on every successful order made a click via your affiliate link. You can make easy money online if you own a website, blog or just any useful social media account (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc). But first, you need to sign up for the affiliate program, find products you know people really want or the products you know your website/blog readers want or the product your social media networks need. Promote the products, get people to go through your link, track your sales and earn commissions. How easy can money making get!

*Become a vendor

If you have your own products and services to sell, you can easily sell them. Jumia will allow you to list your products for sale as long as you want to sell your genuine products online. To get started, you will be required to go to the Jumia Seller registration page and sign up. After signing up, you will be able to upload your own products to sell on Jumia Nigeria. Presently, Jumia has millions of vendors that are currently selling and earning money on the platform. They are smiling to the bank.

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Tools for save monry

Tools that you can use in your business to save money

Monitoring and analytics

The following tools help monitor the health of your site. They will let you know where your customers are coming from, and can give helpful information regarding demographics and site activity.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service that Google offers to everyone. It helps track and report the behaviors of the visitors on your wholesale fishing tackle site. If you have Google Analytics installed on your website you can determine where your visitors came from, and can see what channels are bringing in the most traffic and customers.

Google Analytics can be a bit overwhelming for first timers. Luckily, Google offers free training for you to become a pro at using their systems. You can even take a certification test at the end of the training that will test your skills and knowledge.


This is a great tool to have installed next to Google Analytics. Monitor.uswill constantly scan your site for up and down time, and will alert you immediately if your site goes down for any unexpected reasons. They offer a free 15 day trial for you to test all of their monitoring services. After your trial, they downgrade your account a free version if you decide not to pay a monthly subscription. The free version still alerts you to any downtime on your site, but limits what features you have access to. You can learn more about their product and pricing here.

Get the word out

Once you have your website set up for tracking and analytics, you can oversee where customers are coming from. But, how do you reach those customers? That’s where the following tools will help you attract new customers.

Google AdWords

Just like Google Analytics, Google AdWords is a free product from Google. This tool will help you manage your search and paid-per-click (PPC) campaigns. It will also help you set up relevant ads on Google search results to attract new customers. There are many sources for free training on how to use Google AdWords. If you’re interested, you can become Adwords Certified by taking an Adwords certification exam to test your knowledge on online advertising.

Although the service is free, the keywords and phrases that you select and bid for will not be free. Each time someone clicks on the ad you set up through AdWords, it will cost you the predetermined price that Google declared for that keyword.


Social media is a necessary factor to any successful business. The problem with social media is managing the various platforms your brand is present on. It can be very time consuming to keep a consistent content and posting schedule. Hootsuite is a great tool to help you schedule posts across all the networks you’re on over multiple days,. This is especially useful if you are scheduling for a couple of days, like over the weekends! Hootsuite offers a free 30 trial, after which you will have to pay a subscription fee of $9.99/mo to continue using the service.

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dropshipping business

Establish the correct dropshipping business

There are some components to building a dropship baby clothes e-commerce business in the right way. Here are some:

Domain Name - Your domain name is important, especially when building long-term brands. You can use the free business name generator to help streamline your process. In any case, always get the .com domain name. If you want to use your niche as a keyword in your domain, make sure it's broad, such as beauty, jewelry, fashion, and not very specific, so you don't need to change your domain name on the road. Also, please avoid using your name as the domain name of the store. If you have sold your company, you can legally use the rights in your own name.

Sign up for Shopify - Shopify is the most comprehensive e-commerce platform on the market. By regularly adding new features, tools, resources and applications, you'll find it easy to use and run your business on the platform. In addition, if you are experiencing difficulties, you can contact Shopify Master who will personally guide you through any steps.

Shopify theme - Personally, my free theme is Minimal Vintage, which is easy to navigate, clean, and a great starting point for people with tight budgets. The theme can work overtime. When you start testing free themes, you can get the job done. Once you start making money, you can invest in a new theme to better store design.

Sell ​​everything about your t shirt drop shipping business with everything you have

So at this point, you have found your product and built your store, now it's time to market your dropship business, just like there is no tomorrow. This is a key step in your dropship business plan. So don't continue to make adjustments to your store design and pretend that you are making improvements. You don't need to be afraid to put yourself there. Getting the first sale is one of the best feelings!

If you have just started, you may be on that super tight budget. Some of my best marketing ideas come from those super thrifty moments. Here are some to get you started:

Facebook ads: Create multiple ads to determine which product sells best. When targeting, create a world ad, but delete Canada, Australia, the US and the UK, which will lower your advertising costs. As your business grows or your budget is higher, you can create separate ads for these four countries. Therefore, the United States will have its own ads, and the remaining three ads will also have their own ads.

Retarget your ads: If your budget is very tight, you can retarget your ads because they will reduce costs. This ad works well if your store has a lot of traffic. Maybe you are marketing free on Pinterest and getting a lot of traffic from there. Maybe you wrote a blog post on your website, a featured influencer, and now influential people are sharing your blog for free. By retargeting your ads, you get free traffic and are more likely to convert to a paid customer. Even better than standard Facebook ads. Moreover, it is much cheaper.


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the best supplier

Choose the best supplier on AliExpress

Here are some simple tips from other fashion dropshippers, how to ensure smooth cooperation with traders in the supplier catalog:

1 Please contact the supplier before ordering:

Before ordering, you should contact the supplier first. You need to ensure that the supplier can respond to you in time to prevent problems, and it is important to understand how they communicate, how fast they respond, and the willingness to collaborate in advance.

2Start with purchasing a small amount of merchandise:

Understandably, you want to attract buyers as much as possible, and a longer list of products promises this, but at the beginning, testing market response from some products, better understanding the requirements and starting to receive may be safer. Any problems are fast.

3 order product samples:

It's very simple - you need to know what you are selling. To evaluate product quality, delivery time, packaging and the entire process, you must test it yourself. Try to order at least some samples from different sellers and give yourself plenty of room to swing.

4 Find suppliers who specialize in target products:

If you really just start using a small number of products in the store, it's best to find a professional supplier who is a professional who manufactures or trades these specific products. This will give you a better understanding of your mastery and help reduce costs.

5 select products for the whole year:

This sounds obvious, but if you don't think about it as early as possible, seasonality can be a huge growth barrier. For example, sunglasses is a very popular project that can make a good profit, but if you don't plan how to market this product to buyers in different countries (or even continents) at different times of the year, then it is a Risk game.

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Youtube Marketing

Build your brand with YouTube Marketing

If you find yourself watching YouTube videos late at night, you are not the only one. Watch more than 6 billion hours of video per month and upload 100 hours of video per minute. For those who like to watch YouTube, this means that content is never exhausted. For small business owners, this means that it is very likely that your name will come out. More than 33 million unique users visit YouTube every day, and it's likely that someone will see what you want to share.

The problem is that many people don't realize how great YouTube's real marketing tools are. They think this is a good way to kill time - or waste time. If you like, YouTube can definitely have both. However, if you have heard of the Orabrush Tongue Cleaner, you know that if you use YouTube correctly, you will immediately see your business thriving.

But before you start making YouTube ads, check out these tips to help you make the perfect video.

Hit your target market

First of all, please don't worry if your video will spread the virus. It will happen if it happens. But not many people have perfect viral formulas. Instead of focusing on "how to make it a virus," focus more on how to make it attractive to your niche. YouTube gives you a great opportunity to connect with your customers in a very personal way.

The same is true of your research. Watch videos from other businesses like you. See what works and what doesn't. Please note the comments under each video. How much insight you can get from the feedback left under each video.

Understand the media

Video is a difficult medium to master. However, there are ways to make it easier. First, add some variations to your video. If you are selling wholesale hair vendors products, please don't let each video be about people who wash their hair. Mix it up. Add some personal style to each video.

That being said, don't deviate from your product and actually do too much. If your video changes enough, your viewers will keep coming back, but if your videos don't match, they will quickly forget your video content. Make sure they always know who you are and what products you sell. Think of the logo or slogan that you display in each video. Make sure your name always exists. Your video is a bit crazy, but just make sure your audience always knows what you are selling.

Finally, you must have a high quality video. For some small/startups, this can be difficult because the funds can be tight. But in order to compete on YouTube, your video needs to look professional. This means there are no jittery cams, rough edits or too many comments. You don't need a $20,000 camera to look professional, you just need to use your budget camera to communicate quality to your customers. Again, watch the video on YouTube to get an idea. Some of the great plush toys wholesale videos were taken on the iPhone.

a great marketing tool

Once you understand what's useful to your business, you'll be in a comfortable position to create great videos that your customers love. It may not happen immediately, but if done well, YouTube marketing can promote your brand more effectively than traditional methods. Try it, it's free. Think of a smart little ad and throw it on YouTube. Monitor results and make improvements. Many successful companies using YouTube did not succeed at first. But after some hard work, they will definitely become like this.

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